Data Warehousing class

Another class that I’ve taken for my MSIT degree was Data Warehousing. 


For this class, we learned a number of products that are utilized in the Data warehousing and Big Data. For the project portion of this class, we had to take raw data and cleanse it, then normalize it and then run a number of analytics queries against the data. Here is a data model that we used in the project.

One of our final assesments in the class was to after removing all the noise from a data set, develop a hypothesis for correlation between communication with patients and their satisfaction level with the treatment at the hospital. Here is a graph of our findings.

And here is out final conclusion based on the data.

Based on this analysis we recommended that all hospitals establish patient communication guidelines for doctors and nurses. As part of socializing these guidelines, hospitals should make caregivers aware of the correlation between communication and patient satisfaction, as well as any correlations between patient satisfaction and patient recovery rates. In addition to the guidelines, doctors and nurses at hospitals with subpar patient satisfaction be required to complete training in patient communication strategies. Patient satisfaction ratings at these hospitals should be reevaluated at the 3, 6 and 9-month intervals after training is completed. After a hospital has achieved the target patient satisfaction level and associated patient recovery rates, annual evaluation should be sufficient.